Project List

While not a comprehensive list of completed projects, the following is a list of examples that highlight some unique accomplishments.
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Aqua Terra Culinary - 

In late 2009, local Chef Dory Ford put his dream in motion of offering a gourmet catering service with a focus on fresh, local, and sustainable. AQUA TERRA Culinary need a customized website, IT services including email, file sharing, and calendar - and consulting and support for their office technology.

We succeeded in all of the above, but as we all know - new business evolves and the technology needs to follow. Quickly. With a highly successful business model of school lunches, gourmet @home delivery, and over 30 products available at Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company - and even more surprises in the works - AQUA TERRA needed a web and social marketing solution beyond the template made over a year ago.

We started from scratch and re-developed the website and Facebook & Twitter accounts to reflect the evolving business, using a very flexible CMS (content management system). Voila - check out We continue to maintain the AQUA TERRA network and IT solutions.

Sand City WestEnd Celebration 2011 -

California's Sand City needed a new online look and feel for their WestEnd Celebration this year, and looked to artist Susan 'Suzka' Collins to draft the components of their website. In this case, the site template (layout, colors, text, even the banner graphic) was completely finished in Adobe Photoshop. It was our job to then translate the art to a functioning website.

The biggest challenge for this website was to create a "slideshow" of images on the very front page of the site that would work on all systems, including iPhone and iPad. Many sites still rely on Flash to play all sorts of animations, but Flash will not work on Apple mobile devices.

The site is a work in progress, as sponsors and artists will be continually added to the pages.

Robyn's Chocolates & Confections -

Robyn Wood, a local baker & chocolatier, needed an elegant website that could grow with her business. She also needed it in time for an early 2011 chocolate show in Santa Cruz. Topher began by helping with product photography of her chocolates for posting on marketing materials and her Foodoro e-store. Domain registration, transfer and website followed - by customizing a template and quickly adding the content. The "sweet and simple" website looks great and leaves much room for growth.

Green Dragon Media Project (Multimedia Documentary)


The Green Dragon Media Project needed virtual representation for raising capital, promoting the project & film, and raising awareness by sharing project findings online. Minimal budget and media hosting were available, and turnover would be very quick.

The multimedia-packed, fully-custom website was developed based on over 15 pages of storyboards from the film's directors - and optimized for search engines - in under a month. Over 45 films are available for streaming through the website.

Dante Rondo Fine Art & Photography
Local painter & photographer Dante Rondo hoped to increase the income from his artwork by not only representing it online, but also by including an option to purchase online.

To keep development time to a minimum and allow for rapid development, two media packages were chosen: a gallery program, and shopping cart program - time-intensive to install but allowed Dante to manage them after release with minimal training. A Flash-based menu (developed prior to iPhone and iPad conflicts) added some "pizazz" and elegance to visitors' first impressions.

Enviro International (Real Estate)


Renowned Green Building Architect Safwat Malek sought a cleaner and more modern and updated for his website - while gaining even better ranking / results in Google and other search results.

During this redesign, his goals were met with a combination of flash animations, a template from scratch with subtle effects and colors, and search engine optimization paired with Google Analytics to track statistics. A substantial section was added later to highlight new properties built in Costa Rica.


Sand City Opera Company

Artist and designer Susan "Suzka" Collins sought a programmer to translate her ideas and storyboards to a  website for her client Al Harris, director of the Sand City Opera Company. The site was designed from scratch to meet Susan's specifications, with monthly updates to include trivia and unique opera stories for his audience. Note - The owner has discontinued updates - thus, the content will be outdated.

Rotary Club of Monterey International & Rotary International District 5230

Topher is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Monterey International (RCMI) and has managed the club's online presence since its inception in December 2007. The site takes advantage of many online tools, including integration with Google Calendar, RSS and Blog, Flickr integration and more. The site's template was customized to match the colors and theme of RCMI.

Topher also manages and deploys monthly newsletters for both RCMI and the local Rotary District (5230). The customized newsletters feature articles from Rotary leaders and reach over 3,000 emails per month.

Rotary Club of Hanford - Guatemala Project


After joining Hanford Rotary for 10 days in Guatemala to assist with this project, Topher returned to the states hoping to continue helping by developing a site to highlight the project in the hopes for future volunteers and funding. While project leader Jena Maciel provided all content, the site design was built from scratch.

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