There's so much junk on the 'net. Really. We're all bargain shoppers, so it's typical we're attracted to all the free stuff. I teach K-8 in Carmel when I'm not doing web design, and it's a common problem for them to see all the "free stuff" (usually in big bold letters and blinking on the page) - and promptly download it, only to find it's riddled with malware. And doesn't even do what it advertises. We do the same thing - find the free stuff and we're quickly disappointed.

Even free Wordpress themes fall in this category, or the seemingly attractive plugins. Well, we get what we pay for.

Google Analytics ( is the rare exception here. They offer a comprehensive set of tools that highlight statistics for your site. Want to see who visited your product page? Want information on where people are visiting from? Like to find out what marketing is working for your site? Analytics can do that and more. Website managers can even share the data through automatic emails to teammates.

Do you know how your website is doing? You should. Ask your web designer to install this tool for free - or, contact us to do it for you, usually in a matter of a day or two, and even show you how to manage the account.
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05/17/2012 01:17

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05/22/2012 02:54

Google Analytics is used for tracking the traffic of our website. With the help of this we can track all those sources through which visitors are visiting our website.

07/06/2012 21:36

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