Before we rang in 2011, Chef and Owner Dory Ford from AQUA TERRA met with me to talk about a new site that would match the evolution of his business - including new services and products. The old site was built piecemeal when AQUA TERRA was still coming together, so it began to burst at the seams from quick changes and workarounds.

We threw around some ideas over a fine homebrew from my friend Luke (great Hefe, Mr. Spence!) and left with some goals: Professional look, drive the audience to take action, easy to navigate... and my interest was to make it easy to maintain. If I could build in the option for Dory's staff to take the wheel at adding content, it would be even more valuable. We needed better SEO as well, given the future growth beyond the region and state.

The new site, formally announced today, grew from a powerful template that's layered on a blogging tool. We have the flexibility of feature banners that rotate on the front page, and highlights that can be used throughout the site. Perhaps the best feature is the weblog, which can be maintained by anyone on staff or myself, and has a special template for sharing their many recipes. Those posts then trickle down to Facebook and Twitter. Automatically.

Speaking of Facebook, we paired this site update with a new Facebook page that takes advantage of the FBML code, allowing us to create a custom tab "Who We Are". A great landing page for visitors - check it out.

Kudos AQUA TERRA, for bringing together this wider vision and all the necessary content! Check out their new website today.


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