Blog will begin in 2011...


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Ironic, wasn't it? The list of projects grew exponentially in 2010, and we signed on with a significant ongoing project with Aqua Terra Culinary. But - we were much too busy to work on our own website. After repeated self-imposed deadlines passed, we decided it was time to finally take action so those "Site Designed By" links were actually going somewhere. We decided to represent our work on Weebly, a great template-based web design tool. Free accounts are available, but we've made some business out of helping businesses and organizations taking it a step further by customizing their sites, then showing them how to "take it from there". Education is an integral part of a handoff!

Hoping to post to this blog 1-2 times per month with project news and some ramblings and reflections about what's happening "in the cloud", so to speak.

In the meantime, check out the most recent project - also on Weebly - with Robyn's Chocolates & Confections. Life is sweet - representing her work via the website and product photography. Enjoy!
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