The WestEnd Celebration is an annual, late-summer festival in Sand City. While they celebration committee had a local artist develop the look and feel of the site, they needed someone to take that design and bring it "to life" online.

Whether it's something haphazardly drawn on a napkin, or the other extreme - mapped out in fine detail on Photoshop - it's always helpful to have the site in draft form before building. Site development begins with this 'architect's plan', what I like to simply call a storyboard, then progresses to finalizing a template. These are just a few of the steps involved in the process.

This new site takes advantage of a rotating photo gallery on the front page that will work on all mobile devices. Many website developers still rely on Flash development for these types of animations, but Flash will not work on many devices. On others, Flash simply doesn't work well. Does your website use Flash? If so, it may be time to swap out those animations for something that works!

The WestEnd site is unique in that we've developed the site and just released it, but because the festival is in the early stages, there will be much monthly maintenance while sponsors, vendors, and musicians are added. Check it out at

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